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Art alive + BLOOM BASH

The Museum blooms, the garden glows, and the Plaza pops!

explore the magic and mystery of Ancient Egypt at National Geographic’s multi-sensory experience

The stunning Floral Exhibition and late-night celebration are San Diego's Cultural event of the year...and we want to send you there for FREE!

The San Diego Museum of Art | April 26 - 28

This new multi-gallery, multi-sensory immersive experience brings King Tut’s story to life through the storied archives of the National Geographic Society.

The exhibition combines the power of cinematic storytelling and soaring imagery to invite visitors into the golden king’s world like never before.

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Two tickets to Bloom Bash ($300 value each!)

Two tickets to Art Alive on 4/26 ($40 value each)

Two tickets to Art Alive on 4/27 ($40 value each)

Two tickets to Art Alive on 4/28 ($40 value each)

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